Communication is part of our daily lives, yet we fail to understand the power it holds. Businessworld is failing to communicate effectively, resulting to profit loses, unhappy customers, poor customer service, and ineffective retention efforts.

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Effective Communication = Happy Customers

According to Marketing performance research, the chances of successfully selling to happy customers is 14 times higher compared to selling to neutral customers. It sounds so simple yet the work involved is complex. Companies have to spend on pieces of training and incentives to empower their front liners in executing customer service protocols. But what is really good customer service? Can it be measured? Is there really an ultimate approach to customer service? If you own a brand yet struggling to keep your customers, you might be lacking in contextual communication approach. Contextra helps businesses like you overcome these challenges.

Monotonous Responses = Frustrated Customers

Customers are not robots. They are expecting to receive sensible responses from humans. The problem with the customer manuals handed out to many businesses is they are overly used. If you are using those response manuals provided by the training agency you worked with, you are doomed. Those tricks are no longer working in a more competitive market today. It had its Amsterdam holiday. If you want to turn around your customer service approach, you have to understand contextual communication. There are no canned responses, no artificial flowery words, just pure customer service provided by knowledgeable and well-trained staffs.

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Before focusing on customer service, you have to work on establishing good communication lines. How will customers reach you? What are the channels they can use? Where should you focus on? Do you have sufficient resources to establish omnichannel for your business? All of these questions are important.

How will customers reach you?

The idea of omnichannel is developing a seamless communication experience for your customers regardless of what channel they use to communicate. Rather than focusing on each channel, your focus should be delivering good experiences to your customers. Centralizing your communication systems enables you to collect information, execute timely solutions, and simplification of tasks and workloads for your staff.


Better Customer Service

Contextra conducts training with practical exercises to help your staff understand deeply the concept of customer service. They’ll understand the gap between the customers and them. We also do seminars on the subject during our Amsterdam city trip. Contextra believes that the true power of customer service lies in human understanding.

Systemized Communication Lines (API)

Part of our speciality is establishing communication lines by using effective programming to simplify your day-to-day operations. Our specialist observes your operation and looks for loopholes in your current set up. From there, they’ll propose suitable solutions depending on your needs.

Overall Improvement on Information Dissemination

Contextual communication is part of behavioural science. It helps us understand how to communicate effectively and the factors involved. By the end of the training, see how it improved the information dissemination in your company. This improvement within your departments will be felt by your customers as well.

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