Related Services

Centralizing Your Communication Channels

Part of Contextual Communication is making sure that you have seamless communication channels. Not organizing communication channels can be as chaotic as the Amsterdam zoo. Contextra is the expert of the omnichannel model. The omnichannel model lets businesses centralize their communication channels so they can focus on providing good customer experience rather than focusing on the management of each channel. Omnichannel takes away that unnecessary burden to the organization. By using ideal programming that fits with your organizational needs, automating those things that can be automated can be done with ease while those things that require human touch can be done with focus.

Progress Measurement

After the training, we will be actively helping you monitor your progress. You cannot improve an aspect if you cannot measure it. Contextra can help start-ups in creating their metrics and measurable goals. Progress measurement allows companies to see where they are going which is important in pursuing their vision. Our experts will dedicate their time to learn more about you and your values. We will work together with you in outlining these goals and how we can measure them.

Coaching and Problem-Solving

Behavioral science has created breakthroughs and continues to solve problems that we are facing globally. Contextra uses a scientific approach to solving problems related to management, customer service, and organizational cultures. Our coaching sessions are designed to bring your company to Amsterdam top sightseeing. It will open new doors of opportunities and development. Our services are not limited for business but will also benefit individuals seeking communication development.