What Is Contextual Communication? (Interpersonal Level)

Communicating with other people is inevitable. No man is an island. We are part of the bigger picture. There are four principles of communication, inescapable, irreversible, complicated, and contextual. Among these principles, the contextual part is the hardest to understand. Even the greatest communicators in the world are susceptible to fail under contextual communication because the factors are diverse.

Psychological Context

communicateAll personal beliefs, values, and other factors of our individuality are included in a psychological context. This is why customer service has been difficult for many. It’s difficult to get the Amsterdam Heineken experience when two people coming from different background interact. They have to find the common ground, so they can eradicate the barriers that prevent them from having good communication.

Situational Context

During a public speaking event, the speaker has to be careful in choosing the right words. He should use words that are appropriate for the event. Situational context answers the questions “where”. The manner of talking to your colleagues in the office is different when you are in Amsterdam hotels cheap. Situational context also covers the appropriateness of the tone, word choices, and mood of the speakers.

Cultural Contextunderstand

Cultural context is mostly affected by demographic factors. For example, Japanese people would bow their head as a sign of respect. Failing to do so during an important meeting is a sign of disrespect. There are some places where direct eye contact is a sign of understanding, avoiding so may denote rudeness. It’s good to research and ask yourself what to do in Amsterdam to learn about the people and their cultural background.

Relational Context

According to researches and studies, the current relationship between two people affects the whole interaction. It means that our behavior changes depending on who we are talking to or who are we talking about. Bad mouthing the president to a loyalist of his can bring the conversation to go down the drain immediately.

Environmental Context

Environmental context refers to the physical surrounding where the conversation is being held. Our understanding could be affected by location, noise level, temperature, season, and time of day. Most speaking events are done in the afternoon when people are more relaxed which will greatly affect their understanding and interest.